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My quest to find a lake

rain 16 °C

When I arrived on Vancouver Island, on Victoria Farm, it was wet.


Very wet...


Now, I already knew the coat I brought with me wasn't, how you would say, waterproof, like at all. So I had two options, get wet, or borrow a mac from my lovely hosts Carol and Fred. It was a tough choice...


None the less, with my plastic coat employed, looking slightly like I should be directing traffic I ventured out into the wilderness of the area around the farm. And by ventured out I mean Carol drove me around the immediate area to get my bearings and dropped me off. By wilderness I mean the immaculately maintained Galloping Goose Trail.


So, yeah. An ambitious start to my Canadian 'Adventure.' Ah well. Even the best of us have to start somewhere, I bet Scott didn't immediately start by going to the Antarctic, that would have been foolish, I mean something terrible could have... oh.
Too soon? Ahem. Moving on.

After wandering the Goose for a while I made it back onto the road. I had been out walking less than half and hour by this point so figured I should press on and see what happens. I remembered Carol saying something about a pub. Ok, cool. I went in search of this mystical place. I got a little distracted though.

'Ohh... a park. I bet there'll e exciting things there!' As it turned out... there was, which is nice. It was pretty small, and, as far as I can tell, the only reason for its existence is because of the local construction laws requiring a certain amount of green space, but it was nice none the less. The sun even came out and, in what I assume was in no way a reference to a popular nursary rhyme about a certain spider, actually began to dry up all the rain.


It also did quite a good job of roasting me alive in my absolutely, completely non-breathable rain keep-offer device. So I did the only thing I could in the situation. I stripped it off, tied it around my waist like the bad boy I am and unashamedly posed for a picture. Marvellous.


I did a little bit more wandering around the park (it didn't take long) and spotted, among other things, this:


Which I quite liked. I also saw, way off in the distance what looked like a lake. Excellent. My days travel now has a goal. To the lake!

  • Close to an hour later*

'Ok, how the hell far away is this damned lake.' On the way I had to travel through a small suburb, which was fun, although infuriatingly difficult to get out of. I was further hindered by this:


Now what you are looking at there, is actually kind of ingenious. Right behind that nice wooden fence, and I mean right behind, a matter of three or four feet is the highway. This thing surrounded most of the area, turning what would otherwise have been a highway side community into what felt like a little isolated village. Which was nice. It did kind of hinder visibility though.

Now, I don't want to bore you with the details here, but getting to this lake was a royal pain in the ass. Now, I could get within about thirty feet of it, but no closer. The reason for this is that, as far as I can tell at least, the entirety of this particular lake's shore is surrounded by houses. As such I spent what seemed like days strolling up and down cul-de-sac after cul-de-sac, crescent after crescent, so close to my goal, but unable to reach it without tramping through someone's garden. I was all but ready to give, when:


Halleh-freaking-ulah. I had found a gap in the houses. It was literally less than twenty feet apart and consisted of a patch of grass, a couple of benches and a dog-poop bin, but damn-it, I had reached my goal for the day.

I returned to the farm a man who had accomplished something.

Next time... This

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